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The world's most lucrative consumers are aging, but your strategies shouldn't be. Accelerate new thinking, inject innovation, add mature consumer focus, and engage older consumers in a meaningful and profitable way.

Talk to us today to create an engagement that is collaborative and matched to your organization’s culture and needs.

Who We Are

The Business of Aging helps you advance your business goals by bringing new thinking and research on the mature consumer market, implementing our proprietary innovation platform, and introducing new consumers and channels to your brand.  Our work is tested and successful. We leverage our experience and the expertise of JWT BOOM, Landor, AgeWave Impact and Continuum Crew to provide longitudinal insights and think tank processes to your business strategy.

Generational 101

What People Say About Us

Business of Aging clients span the globe and the business gamut, from non-profits to consumer goods in services to technology firms, in the US and abroad.

“Our company’s innovation process is hard to navigate. We are a true old school packaged food group.  You gave us a process, insights into a consumer we’ve been missing, and a range of product ideas that we’ve never gotten from much more expensive firms who were nightmares to manage. Thanks for your collaboration and follow-up with us.”

—Adrian, National Packaged Goods Company

“Thank you again for your work with our board and our strategic planning task force. You understand the dynamics of volunteers and a non profit organization of our scale. The insights you introduced, the process you led us through, and the service offerings that we are planning to test and introduce are groundbreaking in our market.”

—Peter, Senior Housing & Healthcare Provider

“US (United States) is not aging as fast as Europe, but the research and understanding is better. Lori guided us with case studies and experience. She challenged our thoughts about older markets.

—Paulo, International Retailer

“Our start-up is family owned and operated. So our stakeholders take every change and dollar really seriously. You “got” us and worked with us to learn to think differently about what we are building and introducing. We’ve blown money on one-off tactics that didn’t get us sales, so the introduction of Optimized Engagement was important to us. It’s working!”

—Jill, Tech Device Company

Case studies and client references are available.
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