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Marketing to Grandparents

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Abraham Maslow never intended to be a marketer. But when it comes to creating products, services, and messaging for older adults, his “13 personality attributes of the self-actualizing person” from Toward a Psychology of Being provide focused guidelines for creating a great creative brief. Recall that self-actualization is the realization of one’s full potential, with a focus outside of self.

Many of the grandparents we spoke with for The Grandparent Economy considered this phase of their development to have begun with the birth of that first grandchild. It is described as a turning point, as a time when the future comes into sharper focus. There is a realization of their mortality, and of family life continuing after they are gone. Relationships take on greater meaning and a sense of selflessness takes over. Learn More →

American Marketing Association (AMA) Takes on the Senior Moment

AMA’s Christine Birkner interviewed us about Zillner’s new report on Seniors, All The Wiser, and how we define and market to older consumers. From Lori Bitter: “It’s best to target boomers based on their lifestyles and purchase behaviors—and their core values such as healthy eating or aging well, Bitter says. For example, General Mills’ Cheerios ads focus on heart health, which certainly resonates with boomers, but also could connect with anyone interested in living well, she says. “It’s a way of being ageless. They’re not saying it’s an old person’s cereal or a young person’s cereal. It’s more about the value of healthy eating.”

Read the full article here:

Lori Bitter talks to AARP members at AARP’s Ideas@50+: Multigenerational lifestyles & grandparents with


AARP’s Ideas@50+ event in San Diego featured AARP TEK’s new RealPad roll-out, the introduction of Joanne Jenkins as AARP’s new CEO and stars ranging from Kevin Spacey to Julia Louis Dreyfus to Martha Stewart. – the parent of and hosted AARP members in a special “back porch” environment complete with lemonade and fresh baked cookies. Members heard from experts in senior care, caregiving, and aging in place technology. Paul Irving, Milken Institute, and author of The Upside of Aging, spoke on “Making Cities More Senior Friendly.” Lori did a presentation on “The New Multigenerational Lifestyle,” based on her new book The Grandparent Economy.

November IMMN Webinar: Helping business become age-friendly-across the Asia Pacific

Date: Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Time: 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM (Central Time)

: KIM WALKER, founder and CEO of SILVER, a business consultancy that helps business and government deal with the issues presented by the ageing demographic. DICK STROUD is a consultant, lecturer and writer. He is the author of Europe’s best-selling textbook on the business issues related to the aging population – The 50-Plus Market ( This book was published by Kogan Page in 2006 and has recently been translated and sold in China.

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CostFee waived for this webinar!

About the webinar:
The Asia Pacific region includes countries with populations that are the oldest (Japan), the largest (China) and the fastest ageing (Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Australia) in the world. China alone has a 50+ population larger than the entire population of USA. Although research revealed that a brand’s age-friendliness is critical in determining purchase decisions and choices for 6 out of 10 older consumers, companies remain reticent to adapt to this new reality. Perhaps the major barrier to change is the availability of a comprehensive and rigorous process that measures an organization’s age-friendliness. Kim Walker’s company is about to release version 2.0 of a unique and sophisticated tool that provides such a solution.

The AF Tool was developed by our speaker Kim Walker in collaboration with Dick Stroud (UK’s 50+ marketing expert). By tracing a customer journey relative to the physiological effects of aging, it can identify the potential barriers that will diminish the ability of brands to engage with and satisfy the needs of older consumers. The AF tool uses the latest iPad app and cloud technology to test and map the sensory, physical and cognitive aspects of physiological aging against 150 customer touch-points.By generating comparable metrics, companies can reduce the barriers of doing business with their aging customers.

Quoted: Can Empty Nesters Still Afford to Splurge? SmartMoney

For this article Can Empty Nesters Still Afford to Splurge? in the current issue of SmartMoney, I spoke with writer Missy Sullivan about the empty nesters’ mentality.

The Pulse of the Vibrant Boomer Woman: What She Really Wants and Why – August IMMN Webinar

Date: August 23, 2011
Time: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM (CDT)
Speaker: Presenters are Founder and CEO Stephen Reily and Carol Orsborn, Ph.D., Sr. Strategist with, author and Boomer expert. Mr. Reily and Dr. Carol Orsborn are co-authors of “Vibrant Nation: What Boomer Women Know, Think, Do and Buy,” the definitive guide for marketers trying to reach Boomer women.
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Cost: free for IMMN members; $50 for non-members
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About the Webinar
This forward-thinking webinar is based on the latest findings of, providing insight into what really matters to this dynamic consumer as she transits her fifties and beyond.  The presenters will draw upon the site’s ongoing online surveys and polling of Boomer Women – from topics like fashion & beauty to technology, and from finances to healthcare reform. The presentation will share case studies that illustrate how brands and agencies are using segmentation to successfully connect with these increasingly coveted women in the marketplace. In addition, the presenters will share original research on the intersection between adult development and the Boomer Woman’s attitudes about the future.

Preview of Upcoming IMMN Webinars

The outcome of a recent IMMN Board Meeting was a lead on several upcoming IMMN webinar topics and speakers, further details to come soon.
July 26/2011 – Future of Aging
Speaker Richard Adler discusses his research with the Institute for the Future.
Aug 23/2011 – Marketing to the Vibrant Woman
Speakers are Dr. Carol Orsborn and Stephen Reilly of

Sept 27/2011 – Rise of the Zoomer
Speaker David Cravit, EVP of Zoomer Media Ltd., discusses rebranding aging in Canada and rapid growth of the Zoomer integrated multimedia platform.

Upcoming IMMN June Webinar: New Research – Consumer Trends in Healthy Aging

2011 Consumer & Market Trends in Boomer Healthy Aging

Date: Monday, June 20, 2011 at 10:00am-11:00 AM (CDT)
Speaker: Steve French, Managing Partner, Natural Marketing Institute (NMI)
Cost: free for IMMN members; $50 for non-members

Based on new data from a variety of NMI proprietary consumer research, including the 2011 Healthy Aging/Boomer Database®, this session will explore the latest consumer and market trends relative to healthy aging. Areas of focus will include multifaceted drivers of a healthy lifestyle, caregiving, healthcare, the role of technology, lifestyle and leisure activities, financial challenges, jobs and retirement and much more. Learn how Boomers and Matures approach healthy aging. Come explore the aging trends of today and how they will impact the market tomorrow.

Currently IMMN members receive the IMMN sponsored webinars at no cost. If you would like to received this webinar for free please click here to become a member, or contact Corda Murphy, telephone: 630-357-4898, email:

New Ad Age Insights Whitepaper: 50 and Over: What’s Next?

The generation that defined youth marketing for Madison Avenue is readying for retirement. Here’s what they’re thinking, where they’re spending their money and what marketers should know in order to reach them. Data from AARP’s Baby Boomers Envision Retirement Survey, GfK MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer and Ad Age’s MarketFinder.

This whitepaper debuted at AARP’s ADVantage on April 5th in New York City.

Grandcare Systems’ Aging & Technology Web Meeting, Feb. 3, 2011

In this webinar Lori Bitter explains how the economic fallout has affected boomer and senior values, and how you can stay relevant to this changed consumer. She profiled this new mature consumer, describing their anxieties and shifting values. You can use this information to improve your organization’s marketing strategy by understanding the trends and differences in Boomer and Senior consumer sentiment and uncover the messaging framework needed to engage this changed consumer to increase your prospect base.