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A variety of ways to make your content pop. All icons have short codes that make is easy to add them to your page.

Icon Boxes

ls_icons-01 ls_icons-02 ls_icons-03 ls_icons-04 ls_icons-05 ls_icons-06 ls_icons-07 ls_icons-08 ls_icons-09 ls_icons-10 ls_icons-11 ls_icons-12 ls_icons-13 ls_icons-14 ls_icons-15 ls_icons-16 ls_icons-17 ls_icons-18 ls_icons-19 ls_icons-20 ls_icons-21 ls_icons-22 ls_icons-23 ls_icons-24 ls_icons-25 ls_icons-26 ls_icons-27 ls_icons-28 ls_icons-29

Social Icons 32px

500px aboutme addthis amazon aol app-store-2 app-store apple bebo behance bing blip blogger coroflot daytum delicious design-bump designfloat deviant-art digg dopplr dribbble drupal ebay email ember etsy facebook feedburner flickr foodspotting forrst foursquare friendfeed friendster gdgt github google-buzz google-plus-black google-plus-red google-plus google-talk google gowalla-2 gowalla grooveshark heart hyves icondock icq identi imessage instagram itune lastfm linkedin meetup metacafe microsoft mister-wong mixx mobileme msn myspace netvibes newsvine paypal photobucket picasa pinterest podcast posterous qik quora reddit retweet rss scribd sharethis skype slashdot slideshare smugmug soundcloud spotify squidoo stackoverflow star stumbleupon technorati tumblr twitter-2 twitter viddler vimeo virb w3 wikepedia wordpress-2 wordpress xing yahoo-buzz yahoo yelp youtube


In one click, you can change the styling of every image on your site.