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Move Beyond Age

Join the global conversation to elevate design as a key quality of life issue for every generation, and true innovation as an imperative for brand success.

The Longevity Marketplace is a $7 trillion opportunity. As start-ups and funders realize the consumer power of older consumers, new products and services are pushed to market quickly, with little consumer input. We see the marketing for these products and wonder:

Who asked for this?
How does this really meet the needs of older consumers?
How is the innovation process failing consumers over 50?

“Innovation” has become an overused buzzword supported by meaningless creative sessions, and/or a bureaucratic process run by teams of consultants. Entrepreneurs fall in love with technology, platforms and devices. Rather than including users in the concept and product development phase, companies rely on marketing to find a consumer benefit where none may exist.

Creating a culture of innovation is the key to product success and must include the thinking of consumers/users and all of the employees and stakeholders of a company.

Let us show you how to develop deeper consumer insights and diffuse that knowledge throughout your organization. Develop a strategic framework to understand your consumer/user experience and the sources of customer satisfaction. Create innovation thinking that informs the personality of your brand and draws consumers.

Let’s talk about how we can help.