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Check out these resources our partners have shared with us!

The Business of Aging provides this page to share information to support the health and independence of older adults. This is not an endorsement or guarantee of any products or services, implied or otherwise.

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How Technology Benefits Senior Citizens

Provided by Bob Mitchell

Financial Focused Info For Seniors

What’s the difference between Medicare and Medicaid? 

Grants for home modification: 16 Resources for Homeowners with disabilities.

15 Best Work From Home Jobs for Retirees

The Senior’s Guide to Paying for At-Home Long Term Care: How Your Home Can Be a Great Asset

Your Complete Guide to Burial Insurance

Disability Remodeling — What is the Average Cost to Renovate?

Top 7 Mistakes To Avoid For Life Insurance For Seniors

How to Help Protect Older Adults from Telephone and Internet Scams_FINAL (002)

Provided by Caroline James

The Ultimate to Hearing Health

Provided by Stacey Melony

Elderly Care: A Guide for Families New to Caring

The guide offers lots of helpful information such as:

  • Getting started on finding care, understanding different and varied care options available, as well as costs and legal considerations when planning for elderly care.
  • Home modifications and assistive technologies that can improve the daily living of elderly family members.
  • Support networks and charities that offer help and support for both people in need of elderly care and their families.
  • Other helpful resources and tools to help family members begin to find the best possible care option for their elderly.

Provided by Melissa Miles

44 Easy to do Home Renovation Tips

In this guide, we have mentioned 44 budget-friendly and easy to do home renovations tips that can help you achieve and manage a renovation that works for your home and budget.

Provided by Amira Johnson

31 Home Improvements that Add Value (and 7 that Don’t!)

Whether you’re renovating a property or looking to update one before putting it on the market, this guide has everything you need to know about adding value to your home.

Provided by Russell Jones

Winter Home Insulation Guide for the Elderly

The guide is written specifically with older people in mind and shares useful information such as:

  • Practical home insulation tips for seniors, as they are some of the most vulnerable of the population during winter time.
  • Helpful advice for seniors to stay healthy and warm during the cold.
  • Useful information about different energy grants and winter assistance programs available that the elderly could benefit from.

Provided by Paul Smith

Senior Home Safety

The Most Common In-Home Injuries for Seniors and How to Prevent Them

Preventing Falls at Home

10 Smart Home Features to Help You Age in Place

Preparing Your Home for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s: A Caregiver’s Guide

Home Fire Safety Checklist for Older Adults

Ten Safe Gardening Tips for Seniors

Provided by Kayla Harris

A Family Guide to Kitchen Safety

Provided by Steven Vanburg

Smart Home Technology For Seniors

2018 Smart Home Technology for Seniors

Provided by Cassie Mayhew

Identity Theft Protection & Medical Alert Systems. 

The Best Identity Theft Protection Services

Guide to Medial Alert Systems

Provided by Kellie Cramer