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Socio-cultural Influences Affect Older Consumers In Different Ways

We are on the heels of the Golden Globes — in itself not the stuff of a Boomer-focused column. But the selection of “The Social Network” (aka “the Facebook movie”) as Best Drama is worthy of our notice. By the way, it’s also been named Best Picture by the Critics’ Choice Awards, the National Society of Film Critics, the New York Film Critics Awards, and the Los Angeles Film Critics Association. That only leaves the Screen Actors Guild and Oscars!

Interesting that there are very few “ripped from the headlines” stories that have made it out of the genre of a Lifetime movie or an episode of “Law & Order” to award status. One exception is “Wall Street,” which enjoyed a sequel this year. Like “The Social Network,” the original “Wall Street” tapped the energy and vibe of the nation’s business world at a critical point in time. It is our pop-culture way of saying “This is big.” But why?

Generally, I share quantitative consumer research and insights that inform marketing strategy in this space; today, I want to look at the role of socio-cultural influences and how that shapes consumers. Specifically, mature consumers and their relationship to social strategy.

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