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Technically Speaking, Boomers Bring the Business

Couple dancing with iPods
This is acknowledged quite nicely by an article posted today by Jim Goldman, CNBC’s Silicon Valley Bureau Chief, in his article: Boomer Technology is Booming Business. So often the expectation is that innovation in the form of new technologies is most quickly adopted by our youngest generations. But with older consumers poised to out-spend younger shoppers (by an estimated $1 trillion this year), technology companies ignoring the Boomer consumer are losing out—but this is changing.

Goldman points out that in fact large companies including Intel, Microsoft and Apple are racing to capture market share. The Boomer market, with its disposable income and increasing eagerness to embrace easier-to-use technologies, is growing.

In our next series of research we will be looking at Boomer’s adoption of technology, and what it will mean for consumer electronics makers. Goldman does not just talk about toys, but real tools specifically geared to this market that could make life easier and healthier. With this value-added approach, success awaits for the tech companies trying to tap the lucrative Boomer market.

To read Jim Goldman’s article, Boomer Technology is Booming Business, visit:

The countdown is on—2 weeks to go: Be sure to watch (or at least set the DVR!) “Tom Brokaw Reports: Boomer$!”, Thursday, March 4 at 9pm ET on CNBC. The program will also air Saturday, March 6 at 7pm ET; Sunday, March 7th at 9pm ET; and Monday, March 8th at 8pm ET.


  1. Thanks for changing my mind! I thought Boomers were ignoring computers and high tech. Many of the boomers help start the beginning of the Internet Revolution. Great writing.

  2. It makes sense that the boomer market would embrace technology that functions as a tool rather than a frivolous gadget. Many new technologies aim to make life healthier and indeed provide a valuable service to customers. Most of these new technological innovations could actually save their lives in an emergency. Many older adults are taking multiple prescriptions and/or have a chronic condition such as high blood pressure or heart disease. The LifeGuard30 mobile medical device is designed to alert emergency medical personnel of all the critical medical information at the scene. Taking charge of one’s health care in the future means embracing health technologies that offer peace of mind and protection. I’m excited to see boomers adopting the same philosophy.