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This powerful framework adds security, SEO capabilities and lots of additional functionality and features.

The Genesis framework is a powerful type of WordPress theme that acts as a structural, security and SEO foundation for your website.

By using Genesis, we effectively put a safety buffer between your LaunchSnap website and WordPress, ensuring easy updates and added security. Learn More about Genesis →

  • SEARCH OPTIMIZED: Better search engine ranking means your readers, customers, and clients can find you quickly and easily. The state-of-the-art code and smart design architecture in Genesis means search engines can clearly see your content. Using Genesis means higher rankings in the search engines.
  • INDUSTRY-LEADING SECURITY: WordPress sites can be vulnerable to hacking, an expensive, time-consuming hassle to fix and a hassle that can really damage your reputation. Genesis brought in security expert, Mark Jaquith to make sure the Genesis Framework had the best security possible.
  • ACTIVE COMMUNITY AND DOCUMENTATION: Advanced customization of your LaunchSnap theme is a snap! Genesis has a very active community and is well documented with a world-class support forum.
  • ADDED FEATURES: As if that weren’t enough, by implementing Genesis into the LaunchSnap platform we can give you even more features including: simple widgets, theme options, comment functionality, easy advertising integration, auto-sized feature images, and more…

Mashable calls Genesis the “best of the best” among premium frameworks. It’s no wonder more than 77,000 online publishers trust Genesis to provide a solid foundation for their sites.