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LaunchSnap Platform

Our world-class themes are the perfect online addition to the rest of the materials in your Design Family.

Our platform rests on top of Genesis. It’s what gives your site its award-winning look that seamlessly matches the rest of your Design Family. But really, it’s so much more:


  • RESPONSIVE DESIGN: Your site is built with mobile and tablet viewers in mind. Our responsiveness automatically optimizes the content of your site to ensure that no matter what device you use to look at your site, it always looks great. Learn more →
  • SLIDERS: Your site comes with three pre-designed sliders for your homepage that are editable and perfectly match your Design Family. Oh yeah, they are responsive, too.
  • PAGE TEMPLATES: Make unique layouts with more than ten page templates, including landing pages, full width, two column, three column… Take a look →
  • FORMS: Build and publish custom forms in minutes with the Gravity Forms plugin. Select your fields, configure your options and easily embed forms on your LaunchSnap site using the built-in tools.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Your LaunchSnap website is already set up with a variety of tools to help you engage social media, such as nearly every social icon you could want and the AddThis plugin.
  • CUSTOM ICONS: You’ll have 30+ custom icons at your disposal. Check them out →
  • IMAGES: Choose one of four different image border treatments with the click of a button. View options →
  • FONTS: LaunchSnap uses standard web fonts for small text and a Google web font for headlines. Take a peak through their more than 500 font families and customize your site fonts in minutes.
  • TYPOGRAPHY: Break up your content with our typography treatments including: header tags, asides, quotes, drop caps, feature bars, pull quotes, two kinds of bullets, custom buttons… See the options →
  • SUPPORT & CONTINUED DEVELOPMENT: We are constantly working to make your website theme better and add new functions. We take care of installing, upgrading and maintaining your system as well as keep you up to date with modern technology. Plus, we’re always here to help.