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The Business of…Aging-focused Technology

The third show, The Business of…Aging-focused Technology, looks at the opportunities in offering technology devices as solutions to help elders safely age in their own homes.

My guest this week is Peter Radsliff, the CEO of Presto Service which is the leading provider of computerless email solutions for the home health technology market. He led marketing and product development efforts at CE leaders Seagate and Monster Cable. Just last year Peter became a founder of the Aging Technology Alliance, also known as AgeTek– an aging-focused technology consortium trade group that promotes the awareness, benefits and value of products and services for our aging society– and today is the Chairman of the Board. Peter is trained in product design. He also teaches a graduate design course at San Francisco State. Peter and I frequent the same events focused on older adults, notable The What’s Next Boomer Business Summit the Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit and business plan competition coming up in June, and the Silvers Summit at the Consumer Electronic show.

The Business of Aging with Lori Bitter
May 3, 2011 – Episode 3: The Business of…Aging-focused Technology

Guest: Peter Radsliff, CEO of Presto Service[audio:boa3.mp3|titles=The Business of Aging – Episode 3]
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